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Helping artists make history...and not burn out in the process

Break The Record Coaching combines traditional coaching methods with modern, holistic science-backed solutions to help artists reach their full creative potential. 

What comes in between artists and their full potential? Below are some problems today's artists face:

  • Lack of work/life balance

  • Social media culture and dealing with "haters"

  • Imposter Syndrome "I'm not good enough"

  • Physical exhaustion and dysregulated nervous systems

  • Creative burn-out after being under constant pressure to perform and create

  • Inability to trust others and have close personal relationships

  • Self-limiting beliefs, doubts and fears

  • Lost connection to their purpose as an artist and love for music

  • Lack of worthiness and negative self-concept

  • Anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, suicidal ideation

The Solution:

  • For every professional artist to have a coach in the team to support their mindset + mental and emotional health

  • Normalize a proactive approach to mental health (and not only when sh*t has already hit the fan)

  • The artist manager doesn’t need to double-up as a mental health professional, and is able to focus on developing the artist’s career

  • Teach actionable tips and tools for coping with an overstimulated nervous system, adrenal fatigue, and anxiety

  • Cultivate artists who have the physical, mental, and emotional capacity to show up authentically and fully to create the world they were born to create

High Performance Coaching for Artists

How It Works

​The 12-Week coaching option is perfect for artists and music creatives (like producers and writers) who want to reach their potential, live a more authentic and fulfilled life and remove creative blockages.

Whether it's self-doubt, lack of motivation or performance anxiety, we will make an audit of current mental and emotional challenges, build a strategic plan to set the artist up for success, and integrate the positive changes into their hectic lifestyles.

  • Weekly 75min coaching sessions over Zoom

  • 12 weeks minimum commitment (with the chance to extend)

  • Virtual meetings provide flexibility - accepting clients across the globe

  • Complimentary 21-day nootropic supplement stack from Neurohacker Collective (Qualia Mind & Qualia Night)

  • Voice note support between calls 

  • Emergency sessions available as needed

  • For pricing details, please book a compatibility call

  • 100% confidential

Psssst! Do you work in management, labels or in an artist's team? Do you see the potential value in having a coach in the team?
Let's connect

The 2h Intensive session is designed for new artists who have just been signed or are entering the industry, and find themselves excited but overwhelmed. Whether they have dreamed about breaking into the music industry for years, or discovered accidentally on Tiktok, this 2h session and follow-up call is the perfect opportunity to talk to someone impartial who knows the industry's ups and downs. Includes a complimentary 21-day nootropic stack, courtesy of Neurohacker Collective.

In the session, we will:

  • Make an audit of current mental and emotional challenges

  • Set expectations for industry challenges and their career

  • Discuss stress management and social media boundaries

  • Make the artist feel supported from the get-go, and know what to do if going gets rough

  • Transform limiting beliefs

  • Include a library of resources for meditation, breathwork, hypnosis, books, podcasts, journal prompts, and other tools to optimize their energy


How is coaching different from therapy?

A: Therapy is a wonderful method to help struggling people cope with the present moment, often by understanding their past. Coaching is informed by the past, but it’s focused on creating a positive future. If you have a previous mental health diagnosis or struggle with acute mental health problems, I would recommend seeking therapy.

Do you work with artists at every level?

A: Yes. Each phase of an artist’s career has its challenges, and an artist's career will have lots of transitions, all of which are worthy of proper support! 

You are a certified cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist. Does this mean you offer therapy?


A: I am not a clinical psychologist or a psychotherapist, so I only work with sub-clinical psychological conditions i.e. if you have recently been diagnosed with, or there is concern of diagnosis for, an active psychological condition which is outside of my sphere of competence, I’m happy to recommend or outsource to a licensed psychotherapist. 

We can use hypnosis as one of the evidence-based and effective therapeutic tools in coaching, but only if the artist wants to try hypnosis.

How much is it?


A: Pricing details will vary based on the length of commitment, e.g. the pricing is different for new signings going through a few intensive sessions vs weekly coaching. For details, please schedule a compatibility call. Payment plans offered as needed.


What if I need to reschedule a session or want to quit during the 12 weeks?


A: Coaching is a commitment to self-growth, however artists live hectic lives! Sessions can we rescheduled within reason. I want our coaching relationship be transparent with full integrity, so I offer a 3 week notice period to end the 12 week commitment should we decide it's not a match.


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