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Every artist wants to change the world with their music -- but they can’t do that if they burn out in the process.


Artists are the superheroes of the modern world, yet they are entirely lacking proper mental and emotional support to thrive on the job.


They are expected to be everything for everyone: always online, on stage, on "creative mode". The music industry sells them the dream, but no real tools how to make it into a sustainable career and lifestyle.

The artist job description has changed dramatically in the past 10 years, from the traditional cycles of studio-promotions-tour, to more short-lived campaigns combined with never-ending social media presence. To the artist, this means having to do more work than ever before in history.

All other high performance individuals -- like CEOs, athletes, actors -- have support in the mental performance aspect of their jobs. In music, the “Tortured Artist” stereotype is deep-rooted but out-dated, and the vision of Break The Record Coaching is to begin seeing artists in a new light, as creative high performers - intuitive, powerful humans who are here to inspire people all over the world and shape culture.


All professional artists should have access to a coach to help them through difficult conversations about fame, social media culture, creative blockages and to process anything and everything that only music artists really go through -- and that’s someone who understands the industry.

Hi, I'm Anna!

I am a High Performance Coach for Artists.


After working at major record labels for years and being across 100+ artist campaigns, I realized that no matter what level artists are in their careers, most of them struggle with similar issues.

The entire system collapses without the talent, which proves that adopting a proactive and holistic approach to mental health is the best way forward. 

I come from a family lineage of mental health professionals, which means I've personally tried and tested many forms of therapy, coaching and holistic wellness methods. I created Break The Record Coaching by combining the most effective, science-backed tools with the power of traditional coaching methods and my expertise about artists and the music industry into something truly unique.


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